Strategy Formulation

Keys to Effectiveness

Excellent strategies often fail. Why?

It comes down to three core issues:

  • How you create and manage your strategy
  • How you formulate that strategy and translate it into executable initiatives
  • How you govern, manage and resource those initiatives

Our strategy formulation services enable you to craft executable strategic initiatives that can be dropped into an efficient framework for governing and managing them so that all the gears turn together.

A Wider Context for Strategy Formulation

To be effective, strategy formulation must also fit into a wider context of strategy creation and management. This crossover point is one area of our expertise.

The last decade and a half has seen great progress in the theory and practice of strategy creation and management, including:

  • The Balanced Scorecard,
  • The Office of Strategy Management and
  • Business Performance Measurement

We bring insights into these issues to the table - along expert partners - to enable you to formulate strategic initiatives that are optimized for business results.

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