Your strategic initiatives and projects are your organization’s investments in its future.

There are countless ways that they can go off the rails. Often the leadership team finds out only after the situation has become so severe that it can’t be kept beneath the radar. By then the project may be beyond repair.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, this is not viable.

The first step is to review current state and identify areas at risk. These could include scope, resourcing, governance, execution practices and team dynamics.  An assessment is presented to senior leadership including accomplishments, major issues and corrective actions/plan.

We offer a full range of project treatment services to turnaround trouble programs or projects including:

  • Assuming temporary or ongoing leadership of troubled projects
  • Coaching
  • Implementing new processes and reporting
  • Providing supplementary project personnel

Not all situations result in recovery or turnaround.  If there is a need to wind down or cancel project we are not shy to make that recommendation.

Additionally we are often asked to review post implementation to capture lessons learned, assess practices, processes and people.

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