Project Management

Well Beyond Project Management Basics

The foundation for executing strategic initiatives comes down to projects. Today however, there is an increasing need for more than just the ‘meat and potatoes’ style of project management. As project management matures both as a profession and within organizations there has been a growing interest and demand for program and portfolio management. In addition, there is increasing pressure to deliver more effectively (doing the right projects) and efficiently (doing the projects right). Project and program managers abound. It therefore is even more critical to stand above the basics and essentials of the profession. To gain respect and the ability to better manage up (to the leaders and executives) as well as lead downward the project manager must become business savvy.

Project management delivery must be crisp, anticipatory of the present and future state of delivering results.

While organizations should house their own skill set suite of project managers there is often a need for a more seasoned, high end project manager to oversee a ‘special’ or complex one time project. These could include: integration (post merger or acquisition), business re-engineering, large system implementation with business components or a change initiative.

More than Just a Project Manager

Our project management consultants are long in work, industry, and variety of initiatives experiences. While they all hold their Project Management Professional (PMP) designation that is merely table stakes and are very strong at the foundational skills of being a good project manager. They are expected to be much more – typically they also have advanced education and certifications, have dynamic people skill capability, can speak and understand the language of business and know how to work with executives as well the leadership required to get a team mobilized, productive and producing results.

Overall they are not ‘just’ project managers. They are seasoned management consultants who understand big picture and complex issues that are faced within the specific project and the business environment in which it resides.

This is where we excel. Our project management services are scalable and flexible to meet your specific needs.

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