Benefits Realization

Delivering Strategic Results, Consistently

The Strategy-Execution Gap ought to be renamed the Strategy-Execution-Benefits Gap.

Execution is not an end in itself. Its purpose is to deliver strategic benefits – like strengthening competitive position or streamlining operations.

It’s possible to execute a strategy only to discover your strategy hasn’t yielded target benefits. Strategic assumptions may be wrong. Market conditions may have shifted along the way. The organization is not ready to accept the changes the initiative will deliver and halts the transformation of the expected outcomes.

Results Vs. Performance

Project management mantras condition us to think in terms of performance: on time, on budget and what gets delivered.

While these are vital, they do not ensure that benefits are realized. To get results consistently requires building in the strategic perspective at every point, in every role. By beginning with the end in mind and determining benefits and outcomes during planning, it will help ensure they can be realized.

Building a Benefits Realization Plan

Building a Benefits Realization Plan provides a foundation on which the project and the organization can ensure that all consideration and activities have been included in the undertaking. This plan then becomes a foundational component of project execution, organizational transition and expected outcomes.

We will help you optimize your project and strategic initiative management processes to incorporate the benefits realization perspective.

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