Program Management

In today’s fast-paced business world, the complexity of strategic initiatives has accelerated making it essential to execute program management effectively and efficiently. Most organizations often have difficulty translating their business strategy into initiatives through a synchronization of projects, programs and portfolios.

Over the last few years, businesses have built competencies in the project management and portfolio management disciplines, but often overlook a core competency: program management.

Program management translates your strategic initiatives into an integrated program of projects and related activities designed and executed to increase your focus on achieving business benefits. It gives you a much broader view, and helps you understand the inter-dependencies of your initiatives and how they impact the execution of your strategic objectives. Effective program execution creates a dynamic environment that enables you to respond swiftly to change, manage risk, optimize resources, and improve the performance of your program delivery.

Program Managers Focus on Strategy

The program manager’s primary job is to keep the initiative on strategic track so it delivers business benefits – at a favourable return on investments (ROI).

It is a leadership role that can cut across traditional org chart lines. And it requires new thinking, new skills and new processes.

A program manager must be business savvy – capable of understanding and addressing strategy and its impact on a program, speaking the language of business, understanding governance, business risk, change management and able to dial up and down the organization from big picture to details.

With the increasing complexity of programs today program managers must be armed with more than a PMP or PgmP certification they need business management skills and deep understanding of the environment both inside and outside the organization.

  • A single initiative can be made up of one or more programs.
  • Each program can be made up of many projects.
  • Portfolio Management rolls up projects and programs into initiatives – and assesses overall performance of each against all others.

We deliver business and program execution excellence expertise

Program management is a key component of ensuring effective delivery from strategy to execution.

Our senior specialists have advanced education and extensive experience in business processes, program and project management to bring you superior expertise not just in successful project delivery – but more importantly in the delivery of desired business results. Encompassing a broad range of activities, our program management solution is highly flexible and scalable based on your particular needs.

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