Portfolio Management

Too Many Initiatives on the Go?

If your organization is like others, it has too many initiatives on the go. You could be spending too much on some of them. Or even have few successes to show for the effort and cost. In addition, in today’s market the level of complexity in strategic initiatives, programs and projects has increased significantly. This makes it even more critical to have an effective means for managing your portfolio.

Without a clear mechanism for prioritizing initiatives, programs and projects according to value, resource capacity and progress, the portfolio just isn’t managed well. Accountability is diminished.

The result is a case of clogged corporate arteries.

The SIM Discipline of Project Portfolio Management


Get your organization moving at top speed.

When we work with you it’s to assess initiatives on the basis of dimensions like strategic value, risk profile, claim on resources, return on investment, and time frame – as well as actual performance.

Our foundational model takes a ‘business – process – systems’ approach to executing Project Portfolio Management process.

Our approach is geared to meet you where you are. We work to implement a solution meaningful to you and your organization – focused on both your immediate concerns while keeping the big picture in mind.

This provides a focus on those strategic initiatives that are making a real measurable contribution – without exceeding corporate capacity.

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