Governance is the act of governing.

It relates to decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance. It provides consistent management, cohesive policies, guidance, processes and decision-rights for a given area of responsibility.

In the world of strategic initiative management, organizational governance ensures delivery, performance and expectations are being met in successfully executing strategy.

Changing Structures

Typically organization governance has occurred through a Project Management Office. But today, that is changing.

Whether you are considering setting up formal organization governance for the first time, taking an existing governance model to the next level or determining correct mandate, value or capabilities we provide a suite of best & right practices, processes and tools.

We close gaps by focusing on strategically-oriented governance. We can help introduce end-to-end transparency and strategic accountability into initiative management through implementation of advanced governance infrastructure and processes like:

  • Initiative specific model, implementation strategy and support
  • Enhanced “Project Management Offices,” (PMOs) at corporate and local levels
  • Strategic Initiative Management Offices (SIMOs)
  • Integration within the Office of Strategy Management

Our approach is clear and direct with an intentional emphasis on business benefit. It spans the full spectrum from a specific component to total, integrated end to end capability. It is scalable and flexible enough to accommodate any range of governance requirements.

Just Enough Organization Governance

To ensure success we have found you must:

  • Have a vision for governance and get adequate support up-front
  • Streamline implementation in phases to accelerate return and address expectations
  • Be benefit-centric, focusing on business outcomes
  • Align service offerings with available capacity to deliver high quality
  • Put the right organizational structure and competency development strategy in place to support both tactical plans and long-term strategy
  • Understanding it is an evolutionary process which needs to align with the maturity level of the organization

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