Change Management

Change is 70% of Everything

Regardless of how positive or beneficial an organizational change or transformation, its implementation is rarely without challenge as it is certain to affect business processes, job roles, organization structures, stakeholder perceptions and other critical elements.

For every element that must change, there will be a human impact.

As such, early efforts to create awareness, establish a compelling case for change, engage impacted employees, and ensure their readiness will be pivotal to creating successful, sustainable change and to realizing the benefits you have envisioned.

Leveraging our extensive experience in organizational change management strategy and our proprietary methodology, our approach to People and Organizational Change Management (POCM) is designed to ensure stakeholders not only transition through any change initiative with minimal disruption; but they embrace, use and adopt it as their new norm.

Our approach to People and Organizational Change Management leverages leading best practice and adapts to your unique business operations and work culture.  As a result, it is immediately relatable and therefore, more easily understood and accepted.

Key Elements of our approach 

Business Relevant





Our Services

  • POCM strategy, planning and delivery
  • Leadership Alignment and Coaching
  • Sustainment and Reinforcement Strategy
  • Organizational  and Change Readiness
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Risk Mitigation
  • Change Communications
  • Facilitator-led and Self-directed Learning
  • Design, Establishment, and Facilitation of the Change Management Office

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