It’s about achieving the desired outcome and realizing benefits.

We are proud of the long standing, solid relationships we have built with our clients. Clients who are willing to stand up and acknowledge the contribution SPM has made to their business and the success of many of their initiatives.

We are pleased to introduce just a few of these valuable clients.

Business Transformation

“In summary {your team] was outstanding in their support to the overall Mining Act Modernization Program as well as to the individual working groups (Exploration Plans and Permits, Organizational Design, Aboriginal Initiatives, Consultation).  We would not be where we are now, if [you] hadn’t stepped in, taken control and got us on the right track. “
– Cindy Blancher-Smith, ADM, MNDM

Project Portfolio Management

“FCC adopted the project portfolio management approach from conception to implementation in the space of less than one year. Without the partnership of SPM and e-Venture, we would still be wallowing in the swamp of senior management decision-making. They provided clarity, speed and expert counsel to us.”
– Kellie Garrett, VP Strategy, Knowledge & Communication, Farm Credit Canada

Demerger and Transition

“It’s fair to say that everyone who has worked on this very demanding transition has been deeply impressed by and grateful for the good work of your team. Your leadership has been central to our keeping focused, upbeat and on top of the material. You understood our aims and displayed a dazzling grasp of the myriad details that needed to be dealt with in order to reach our goals. Our thanks and congratulations to your company and the team.”
– Michele Landsberg Chair, Women’s College Hospital, Board of Directors

Post Integration Review

After a broad search, Teva Canada selected and contracted SPM to conduct a review of the processes utilized to execute a complex and important integration of an acquired competitor.Information was clear, concise, insightful and very well presented.  SPM was honest, balanced and their findings were well supported by facts and figures.  Recommendations made were reasonable, achievable and based on solid experience.  Despite an aggressive time table,  all milestones of the review were met on time and on budget.  Equally important, everyone we worked with at SPM was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate recommending SPM to others.
– David Boughner, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Teva Canada

Merger and Integration

“I would like to take this opportunity to mention how happy we are to have one of your team manage this transition. Their dedication and expertise are instrumental in helping the organization through this time. Their solution-focused approach ensures we meet the milestones of the transition schedule and maintains the forward momentum. I look forward to continuing to work with SPM well into the future.”
– Valerie Creighton, President, Canadian Television Fund

Program Turnaround

“Project Continuum was my first major project at ProFac. While I was not new to the industry, I was new to ProFac and as a result unsure of whom I could turn to for assistance. The SPM consultant assigned to Continuum, had been working on a number of projects for ProFac and was quickly able to assist me to get a handle on the challenges. Her knowledge coupled with a disciplined approach brought the right resources to the table and kept them focused on the task at hand. Like most projects, Continuum was challenged by having to leverage resources that also had “day jobs”. Even with these restrictions, the SPM consultant was able to keep the team motivated and on track, by using a blend of charm, humour and holding the team accountable to ultimately reach our goal. There is no doubt in my mind that we reached our goal because of a strong project management approach. I am also convinced that we got there with a little less pain because of SPM.”
-- Peter Horvatis, Senior Vice President, Shared Services, SNC Lavalin ProFac

Transition Initiative

“My previous experience with retaining external project management expertise focused on recording and reporting. The SPM Program Manager, on the other hand, took a leadership role in the PWGSC transition, significantly influencing decisions, outcomes and ultimate deliverables to ensure results exceeded expectations. The SPM team worked as one with ProFac teams, which played a large role in our overall success. We are very pleased with their leadership, competence and most importantly their attitude. They did a great job and should be very proud of their achievement.”
– Charlie Rate, Senior VP Operations, SNC-Lavalin Profac

Maturity Assessment

“At Direct Energy, we needed the assistance of professionals to work with us on our Project Management Maturity Improvement (PMMI) Initiative. Based on their reputation and presence in the market, SPM Group was the first place I looked. They provided us with professional services and I am very pleased with the outcome.”
– Yves Racine, Director of Project Management Office, Centrica/Direct Energy

 Business Transformation

“As the key business lead, I shouldered the majority of responsibility to make this project a success. Your staff member played a critical role in relieving me of the daily pressures of managing the details, people and tasks that were necessary for completion. Relying on their expertise, experience and extensive knowledge allowed me to utilize my time in the most effective manner. I especially appreciated the strong leadership capabilities this individual brought to the table and relied extensively on this as we went through the construction phase of our project. To be entirely honest, this individual was the best Project Manager I have ever worked with and I would be proud to work with them again!”
– Sandie Baillargeon, Chair/Program Manager, Centre for Health Sciences, George Brown College

 Process Implementation

“As part of our initiative to standardize and improve the project management and delivery of IT solutions, we, at Marsh Canada – Technology group, have engaged SPM to assist our IT project managers by delivering a customized in house training program on project management fundamentals followed by a series of coaching and mentoring sessions. They helped us tailor the curriculum according to our specific needs by conducting assessment and one-on-one interviews. The instructors have done an excellent job of facilitating the sessions by getting the participants involved in relating the concepts learned to practical application on real-life projects. We have just finished our second year mentoring sessions and we look forward to continuing to work with them in further developing our project management maturity”
– Brigida Nicasio, Marsh Canada Ltd

 Merger and Integration

“Your staff member is a very strong Program Manager with a real can do attitude. They consistently placed Sunlife’s best interests at the top of their priorities and to do whatever it takes to make the projects successful. Using strong communication skills they manage both stakeholders and team members very effectively. They have become the role model for an effective Project Manager in the sponsor’s eyes and it is now said, “I need a PM just like this person.”
– Doug Rose, AVP Program Management & Consulting Services, Sun Life Financial

 Program Review

“Great leadership style, and wonderful with people. From the first day I have been impressed with his ability to have the entire team facing the same direction and marching to the same drummer, at a time when the rest of the teams were still trying to figure out what and who they were. His team always seemed 1/2 step ahead of the others. Some part of that is clearly the quality of the team, but part of it is his overall approach and leadership…brought a rigor to the process that I believe really helped Claims to achieve the success it has had. Cool, calm and collected even in periods of high stress.”
– Nancy Hoch, Director, Canadian Audit Services, Sun Life Financial

 Program Turnaround

“The SPM Consultant was charged with coming into a very challenging “project rescue” situation to stabilize and drive to a tight delivery date. They did a good job as a stabilizing force on the project, and helped us to show our client a serious commitment to improvement. They provided additional leadership bandwidth where and when it was needed to keep us on track. Overall we were able to achieve our objective with your help.”
“The SPM Consultant did a good job in a very short time frame acclimating to complex internal processes, methods and client requirements. They came up to speed on key issues and started making progress with the team against those in very short order.”
– Scott Graham, Account Executive, Hewitt Associates





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