About Us

We Bring a Laser Focus to Corporate Strategy Execution

A Boutique Management Consulting Firm

As a boutique management consulting firm we only provide seasoned, senior professional management consultants. We have the depth of experience of any of the larger firms combined with flexibility, agility and a personal touch that only comes with a boutique style firm. To us fit is everything – for both sides of the equation: the client and us.

Corporate Strategy Execution

Our passion is working with organizations to execute their corporate strategy. For most organizations it is one of the hardest things to do. We are unflinching in our commitment to ensure we support clients to achieve the results and benefits they are seeking. We have practices, processes and tools to make it all work. Recognizing that one size does not fit all being adaptable is essential. Our results, testimonials and repeat clients speak for themselves.

Boldly Achieving Goals

We are willing to tell truth to power with the goal of achieving the changes clients are seeking to achieve. Because we focus on execution and results don’t expect us to just produce reports. We work to actually make it happen.

Enterprise Competency

SPM was founded in 1991 on the principle that management of strategic projects is a core enterprise competency. This vision grew out of the founders’ extensive experience leading complex, mission-critical projects. Since then we have evolved to deliver in the emerging field of Strategic Initiative Management which connects the components of strategy and execution to produce results.

We are valued by enterprise and mid-market clients for a rare combination of:

  • Leading-edge expertise and objectivity,
  • Highly responsive client service, and
  • Great value for money.

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